SOGGI Membership

First Step… Joining / Renewing  with MAAC

A standard precondition for joining any Canadian model aircraft club is that you must first join the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC). If your model damages property or injures someone, you will be glad that you have the liability insurance coverage that comes with MAAC membership. MAAC membership also features a subscription to Model Aviation Canada, a great monthly magazine that reports on all aspects of aeromodeling from coast to coast.  Your MAAC membership must be in good standing before being accepted as a SOGGI member.  MAAC membership must be renewed each year, before renewing your SOGGI membership.

In more than 65 years of existence, MAAC has established a nation-wide club-based structure that encourages the continued growth of our hobby-sport. With a membership base of about ten thousand aeromodelers, MAAC can negotiate for us with one strong voice.

A MAAC membership can be obtained  via secure on-line payment. To go directly to the required form, click on MAAC’s Secure Online Membership Application . Or go to MAAC’s website and follow the links that take you to the same form. MAAC will issue you with a MAAC Membership Card, constituting proof of your MAAC membership.

Next Step… Joining SOGGI / Renewing Your Membership

SOGGI’s Club Membership Join / Renewal application is a separate process.  SOGGI’s annual membership runs from January 1 to December 31.  Members must complete the Membership form each year, to ensure our information is up to date, and to re-affirm the agreement to follow club rules.  The adult membership fee is based on when you pay it; see the drop down box below in the PayPal section. You will need your current MAAC Membership Number and acknowledge acceptance of SOGGI’s conditions for club membership. The quickest, simplest way to accomplish this is to complete the online form below, then click the “SEND” button.

After you have completed the Membership Form, and clicked on the “SEND” button, then use the PayPal online payment Button, at the bottom of this webpage, to pay for your membership.  We will use your MAAC Number to confirm that your MAAC membership is current for the year of membership.  You will be notified by email when your SOGGI application has been accepted, at which point your membership privileges will become effective.

Another method is to print and fill out the membership form and attend one of our winter Membership Meetings.  Visitors are always welcome at SOGGI’s meetings. Membership applications can be processed there. You will fill out the SOGGI Membership Application Form and acknowledge acceptance of SOGGI’s conditions for club membership. At our meetings we do accept cash or cheque to cover annual membership fees, but we are unable to process credit or debit cards.  You may also send the completed form and a cheque to our Treasurer by mail. Please contact the Treasurer by phone or email to do so.

To Summarize, your SOGGI Membership cannot be completed until you have done ALL of the following steps:

    1.  Have a Paid up MAAC membership, for the year of SOGGI membership
    2. Have completed the SOGGI Membership Form for the year of SOGGI membership
    3. Have paid for the SOGGI membership

If you have any other questions, please Contact our club Secretary, through the Contact page.

SOGGI Membership / Renewal Form:


Third Step… Online Payment can be Done Here using PayPal:

Membership Fee
Enter MAAC number here:

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