SOGGI Club Flying Field Guidelines

Whether you are a SOGGI member or a guest, the things you need to know about flying safely and having a safe presence at a SOGGI flying field or slope site are addressed in the SOGGI Flying Field Guidelines. It is a condition of SOGGI membership, and the responsibility of all members to abide by these Guidelines. If you are flying as a guest at a SOGGI field or slope, it is necessary that a SOGGI member act as your host to ensure that the Guidelines are followed.

The Guidelines cover all aspects of flying with SOGGI, including: informing local Air Traffic Control of flying activities, equipment setup requirements, no-fly zones, safety set-back distances, field etiquette, and specific information applicable to each permitted model aircraft type for SOGGI’s sod farm and slope sites.

Field guidelines for the Burford Sod Farm site are available here: Burford Sod Farm Guidelines

Field guidelines for the Westover Slope site are available here: Westover Field Guidelines

MAAC Documents

All flying activity at SOGGI sites, whether by members or guests, is also governed by the following Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) Documents. As a condition of club membership, club members are required to be conversant with these documents, and to follow their provisions at all times:

  1. Applicable MAAC Safety Documents (MSDs); The document “MSD 2-Retrieval Key” identifies the particular MSD’s that apply to each type of model aircraft and activity.
  2. Applicable MAAC Policy & Procedure Documents (MPPDs)

Click on the MAAC website where the current version of all MAAC documents resides.

Guest Flyers

If you are not a SOGGI member but you wish to fly at a SOGGI flying site, please Contact Us beforehand. One of our members will be happy to host your visit, to ensure that you have a safe, welcome, and productive time with us.

Thank you. We look forward to your visit.

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