September 23 ALES Contest

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Andy M
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September 23 ALES Contest

Post by Andy M » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:40 pm

Well it was a great weather clear blue sky day with low winds. But the day seemed to be plagued by various technical problems. Before the contest Ann experienced some control problems which we could not determine the cause of. So Ann wisely played it safe and did not compete. Jack's gearbox dried up lubrication wise, and Mike was short on batteries. The end result of which was that only Bob completed the 6 rounds. Dick flew Jack's plane for a couple of rounds.

The scores below need to be read taking into account the number of rounds completed by each contestant. The first 2 rounds were very short task times with a high bonus on the landing scores. So that is also a factor in the results given that not all pilots flew later longer task time rounds.

Thank you Terry for manning the BBQ and to Ann for generally helping out and timing.

Bob Hammett..........2627 (6 rounds)
Mike Sherlaw...........1266 (4 rounds)
Dick Colley..............343 (2 rounds)
Jack Linghorne.........116 (1 round)

Andy (CD)

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