Optical Drive salvage for 3mm hard steel shafts

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Bob H
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Re: Optical Drive salvage for 3mm hard steel shafts

Post by Bob H » Mon May 02, 2011 7:37 pm

Hi Ted


then in the box "Page#" enter "800" and click on the button "go to Page"

Near the bottom of Page 800
"Drill Blanks, Metric Size Blanks"
3 mm drill rod x 36" long hardened and ground
$1.90 from KBC Tools and Machinery, 6200 Kennedy Road
Mississauga, ON L5T 2Z1, Local Calls: (905) 564-6600, Fax Main Line: (905) 564-1611 ... located near Pearson Airport

I like your Optical Drive rescue-rod better cause it's free, but drill rod might work if you can't find a suitable drive to salvage

Bob H

Ted M
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Optical Drive salvage for 3mm hard steel shafts

Post by Ted M » Sun May 01, 2011 7:35 pm

So if you ever see a dead computer optical drive, CD or DVD player, or Bluray player, don't pitch it!

Take it apart, and there are a variety of motors and belts and stuff for robot makers. Not interested.

However, there will be a pair of 3.00 mm hard steel shafts that the laser guidance system runs on that could be very useful for anyone who has bent a small motor shaft (which would be me, several times). Nearly all 400 size brushless motors use 3 mm shafts which are otherwise very hard to find (as in, impossible).

Sure you can get the replacements, but they're just as soft as the original junk. The rest of these <$10 motors use decent quality magnets, bearings, and windings, and run well. But in my experience, a hard landing (even with prop saver!) can bend the shaft.

Dead CD player to the rescue!

I have honed down 1/8" music wire (ok) and K&E SS (better) with ok results, but CD player guides are the cat's meow.

You also get a couple of super powerful rare earth magnets from the focusing lens.

If it is a dead bluray, it has a real cool laser diode. check the internet for lead diagram, and don't fry it like i did!
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