What would you like me to present?

Tell us about your new construction project. Seek advice if you have flight trimming problems.
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Bob H
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Re: What would you like me to present?

Post by Bob H » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:48 pm

Hi Lawrie,

Thanks for agreeing to be our January Guest Speaker.

You asked for some topic alternatives so here are a couple of suggestions based on what I think our members would benefit from.
But please don't feel bound by my suggestions:

1) Tricks, tools and materials used to achieve good alignment and balance during final assembly of a model:
... routing of pushrods/nyrods
... hinge pins and clevis keepers
... avoiding slop in the linkages
... Aligning the wing in each of its' three axes
... aligning the fin and stabilizer
... thrustline
... fore/aft balance
... left/right balance
... receiver antenna protection
... or whatever you think is important

2) Preparing for a flying session
... how do you get ready before a flying session?
... what tools and supplies do you carry in your flight box?
... battery health and battery charging
... based on anecdotal observations, what are the most frequent causes of crashes and why do they happen?

regards, Bob H

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