IMPORTANT - FrSky Firmware Updates

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Adam M
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IMPORTANT - FrSky Firmware Updates

Post by Adam M » Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:39 am

Hey folks,

FrSky has posted some rather important firmware updates for their transmitters and newer receivers.

If you are flying a Taranis or Horus, or using an XJT module, and are using the X, S, RX or G-RX series receivers, you should update all of these to the new 2.1 firmware.

There is an error-correction bug in ACCST D16 and ACCESS protocols that can cause uncommanded servo movement in a rare but significant case.

The bug is not present in FrSky's older V8 and D8 protocols, so if you are using a V8 or D8 module don't worry, V8, V8-II and D8 receivers are likewise not affected.

Note that once the transmitter is updated, the matching D16 or ACCESS receivers also must be updated

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