Your Transmitter Settings for each Model

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Bob H
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Re: Your Transmitter Settings for each Model

Post by Bob H » Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:11 am

A spreadsheet for recording transmitter programs is a great idea. If you're not a spreadsheet person, another way to record your settings is to take a photo of each screen. You do yourself a favour by making some sort of non-volatile record.

At minimum, a "working" program and an "archival" copy of that program should be kept on the transmitter, for each model. That way if you accidentally reprogram the working copy, you can re-copy the archival copy to make a new working copy. That doesn't help you though, if your transmitter goes kaput.

Bob H

Andy M
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Your Transmitter Settings for each Model

Post by Andy M » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:48 pm

Do you keep a record of the settings in your transmitter(s) for each model? No doubt some of you do. I had been meaning to make a record of this for some time and procrastination eventually caught up with me.

I had the programming roller selector switch on my Spektrum DX6i go kaput recently, so had to send the Tx in for repair. I thought before sending it in that I wished I had made a record of all the settings. After the switch when kaput of course, I had no accessibility then to any settings. Well Horizon Hobby in replacing the switch also upgraded the firmware to the latest version for this Tx. Consequently all my settings were deleted. So I now have to rebind and set up from scratch 9 models. Not too big a deal except for the 4 servo DLGs which to say the least on a DX6i are complicated and need launching/test flying to get right.

I will now put all my settings in a spreadsheet, lesson learned.

Great service from Horizon Hobby by the way. I've had cause to send my Tx back twice plus an Rx where one antenna broke off. They are very prompt and have never charged me anything, not even shipping back. So the only cost is postage to Illinois. In the case of the Rx they replaced it for a new one.


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