FlySky Model FS-CT6B, basic 6ch 2.4GHz

Tell us what Transmitter you use (make and model), how long you have had it, why you got it, and what you like about it. What would you look for in your next Transmitter?
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Andy M
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Programming Spektrum Radios

Post by Andy M » Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:18 am

For those of you who have a Spektrum or older JR radio and need programming help, go to (by Sherman Knight).


Tom C
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FlySky Model FS-CT6B, basic 6ch 2.4GHz

Post by Tom C » Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:10 pm

My first 2.4G radio, which I bought about 4 years ago, was intended to replace a very old 72MHz 4 channel radio, and get flying without spending too much money.

I bought a FlySky branded radio, 6 channel, Model FS-CT6B, which had many excellent reviews. Has no LCD. Setup is done from a computer program via a USB interface. I bought an aftermarket setup program for $2, which is easier to use than the one provided by the manufacturer. I put NiMH cells in it, and paired it with a wall wart power supply from my junk box for easy overnight charging. Bought it from a US firm, since it was almost the same price as from China, with much faster delivery. Bought the batteries from the same firm; much cheaper than locally.
See this review on youtube:

For my simple, entry level glider purposes, it has worked fine. It is also suitable for helicopters, of which I have a couple. One heli has it’s own 2.4G radio, so I have not tried this one with anything except gliders.

As a techie person, I would also like to do some experimenting with telemetry from the plane, but have not done so yet. I might upgrade to a transmitter with integrated telemetry reception, but would do a lot of review first, so no opinion yet. If I were to experiment with on-board flight controller, I might also want more channels, but not there yet.

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