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NOTE: Update for July 16: As a club SOGGI adheres to all relevant Ontario Covid regulations, and we expect our members to do the same, at both the Hwy 6 field and Westover. Please ensure you understand and comply with Ontario's latest Covid regulations, before you go flying!

Soaring is very weather-dependent and our climate is increasingly volatile. These factors favour planning our flying sessions on very short notice. You can check the weather at this link ... (RIGHT MOUSE CLICK, then OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB): Windfinder Superforecast .

If you're wondering how you are going to find some friends to fly with, then the Fly With Friends Forum is for you. Clicking on the "Fly with Friends" heading above, takes you to the Topic "Click Here to Join or Start A Flying Session". You will need your SOGGI username and password to participate, so if you have lost this info, Contact Webmaster Tom Crawford
Forum rules

Be aware that the use of SOGGI's flying sites is limited to SOGGI Members and their accompanied Guests. Your continued enjoyment of our flying sites relies on maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders including Air Traffic Control, the pilots and their passengers who fly above us, the owner of the property that we are allowed to use, the farm personnel, our surrounding neighbours, and your fellow club members. Thank you for doing your part to maintain these relationships.

July 16 Update: As a club SOGGI adheres to all relevant Ontario Covid regulations, and we expect our members to do the same, at both the Hwy 6 field and Westover. It is no longer necessary to register your intent to fly at stated times, but we still encourage you to use the forum “Fly With Friends” when you are planning to go flying. Please note that permission to use either flying site is on the understanding with the owners that we will respect any Restrictions that are still in place.


On any given day, flying is not permitted until SOGGI’s Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) has been Activated by making a phone-call to Hamilton Air Traffic Control (ATC). As of June 26 2017, ATC has stipulated that we MUST also call to De-activate our NOTAM whenever a flying session has apparently ended for the day. If other flyers arrive later on the same day, then this Activation/Deactivation process must be repeated.

Immediately on your arrival at the flying field, look in the Log Book to determine the activation status of SOGGI's Notice to Airmen (NOTAM). The Log Book is kept in the black waterproof folder attached to the inside of the Club House door.

The FIRST SOGGI Member to arrive at the field has the OBLIGATION to call ATC to activate the NOTAM. The LAST Member to depart the field has the OBLIGATION to call ATC to deactivate the NOTAM. Every SOGGI Member has authorization to act in this capacity. The obligation to activate/deactivate our NOTAM applies equally to FREE FLIGHT and to R/C FLYERS.

Complete instructions for calling ATC can be found in our Log Book. It takes less than a minute to call ATC and make a Log Book entry. If you'd like an onsite demonstration of how to make a call to ATC, contact any member of the SOGGI Executive.

Calls to ATC MUST be made FROM THE FLYING FIELD, meaning that a cell phone will be necessary. A log book entry MUST be made to document EVERY call to ATC.

TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDINGS, NEVER UNLOAD ANY EQUIPMENT FROM YOUR CAR UNTIL THE NOTAM HAS BEEN ACTIVATED. If you encounter other persons flying, or preparing to fly when the NOTAM has not been activated, immediately report the incident to any member of SOGGI's Executive for follow up. We will need those persons' names, and/or license plate numbers, and the time and date of the incident.

Now it's time for you to hook up with some friends and have some fun. Scroll down and click on the Topic "Reply Here to Join or Start a Flying Session" . Happy Flying !
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