Model Aircraft Constuction Drawings – PDF

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201301140001Pussycat 2M22
0002Pussycat 2M12
0003Prodigy 2M22
0004Prodigy 2 M12
0005Sagitta 600_80" W.S. (Fuselage)12
0006Sagitta 600_80" W.S. (Wings)22
0007Spectra 2M Electric11
0008Petrel 2M11
0009Electricus (to light) 2M Electric11
0010Gentle Lady 2M11
0011Amigo II Freeflight Glider 2M11
0012Amigo II Freeflight Glider 2M R/C adaptation22
0014Lucifer 2M Electric11
201301250001Electropink 2M electric11
0002Electricus 74" W.S Electric11
0003Slingsby T-53B Air Cadet Trainer 108" W.S.11
0004Viking 3M (Wings)22
0005Viking 3M (Fuselage)12
0006Snoopy 125" W.S. (Wings)22
0007Snoopy 125" W.S.(Fuselage12
0008Sagitta 900 100" W.S. (Fuselage and Wings)12
0009Sagitta 900 100" W.S. (Wings)22
0010Thermic 10012
0011Thermic 100 (Construction views)22

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201301310012Colditz 100" W.S., 1/4 scale (Fuselage)13
0001Colditz 100" W.S., 1/4 scale (Wing)23
0013Colditz 100" W.S., 1/4 scale (Ribs & Bulkheads)33
0016ELFE 120" W.S (Fuselage and Wing)12
0017ELFE 120" W.S (Alternate Ribs)22
0018Oly III 132" W.S (Fuselage and Wing)12
0002Oly III 132" W.S (Tail section)22
0019Mistral 122" W.S.11
0020Orange Julius 96" W.S.11
0021Slingsby Gull 1 120" W.S. (Fuselage)12
0022Slingsby Gull 1 120" W.S. (Wings)12
0023Slingsby Gull 1 120" W.S. (Construction Notes)11
0024Ultra Mk IV 86" W.S. Electric11
0025Cirrus 112" W.S. Electric11
201310210003Paragon 120" W.S. (Wing)22
0004Paragon 120" W.S. (Fuselage and Tail)12
0005Sophisticated Lady 2M11
0006Stratus 120" W.S. (Wing)22
0007Stratus 120" W.S. (Fuselage)12
201302150001Oly II 100" W.S. (Airtronics Wing)22
0002Oly II 100" W.S. (Airtronics Fuselage)12

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201202150003Oly 2 100" W.S. (Ray Hayes Fuselage)12
0004Oly 2 100" W.S. (Ray Hayes Wing)22
201311150001Playboy 67" R/C electric oldtimer (Fuselage and Stab)11
0002Quaker Flash 68" R/C electric oldtimer (Wing)22
0003Quaker Flash 68" R/C electric oldtimer (Fuselage and Stab)12
0004Buzzard Bombshell 47" W.S. R/C electric oldtimer11
0005Lanzo Bomber 50" W.S. R/C electric oldtimer11
200907130001Super Pro Runner 120" W.S. by SOGGI's Werner Klebert11
2013120401Electra 2M electric11
02Fournier Motor Glider 2.8 M W.S. (Fuselage and Tail)12
03Fournier Motor Glider 2.8 M W.S. (Wing)22
04Lanzo Bomber 70" W.S. R/C electric oldtimer (Fuselage and Tail)12
05Lanzo Bomber 70" W.S. R/C electric oldtimer (Wing)22
06Spirit 100 100" W.S. (Wing)22
07Playboy 55" W.S. oldtimer (fuselage and wing)
08Playboy 67" W.S. oldtimer (wing)
2013121301Algebra 122" W.S. (fuselage and Wing)11
02Aquila 77" W.S. (Fuselage and Tail)12
03Aquila 77" W.S. (Wing)22
04Boomer (Fuselage and Tail)12
05Boomer (Wing and Tail)22
06Braking Devices for Scale Gliders11
07unknown rib fragment
08Flinger 1.5 M W.S.11

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2013121309Milan 2.4M W.S. (Wing and Tail) see also 20140103_0122
10Milan 2.4 M W.S. (Fuselage)12
11Mini Challenger 61" W.S. R/C electric sailplane11
12Monterey 100" W.S.11
13Olympic II 100" W.S. Airtronics (Wing)22
14Olympic II 100" W.S. Airtronics (Fuselage and Tail))12
15Back to Basics S400 60" W.S. (Fuselage only)12
16Sagitta 900 100" W.S. (Ribs, Bulkheads)33
17Sagitta 900 100" W.S. (Fuselage and Tail)13
18Sagitta 900 100" W.S. (Wing)23
19Spirit 100" W.S. (Fuselage and Tail)12
20Tossette 60" W.S. (Tail and Ribs)22
21Tossette 60" W.S. (Wing and Fuselage)12
22Ultra Mk IV 86" W.S. (Fuselage, Wing, Tail)11
23Electro Pink, 80" W.S. (Fuselage, Wing, Ribs and Tail)12
24Electro Pink, 80" W.S. (Construction Details)22
2013121901Lanzo Bomber oldtimer 96" W. S. (Fuselage, Fin and Airfoils)14
02Lanzo Bomber oldtimer 96" W. S. (Wing Tips)24
03Lanzo Bomber oldtimer 96" W. S. (Horizontal Stab)34
04Lanzo Bomber oldtimer 96" W. S. (Wing Centre Section)44
05Playboy oldtimer 80" W.S. (Fuselage, Tail, Wing)11
06Stratus 120" W.S. (Fuselage)12
07Stratus 120" W.S. (Wing, Airfoil, Horizontal Stab)22
08Reiher 127" W.S. (Fuselage and Tail)12
09Reiher 127" W.S. (Wing and Airfoils)12
2014010301Milan 2.4 M W.S.12
02DeHavilland Sparrow Glider 60" W.S.12
03DeHavilland Sparrow Glider 60" W.S.22
04Super Pro Runner by SOGGI's Werner Klebert 14 ft W.S.11
05Super Pro Runner by SOGGI's Werner Klebert 11 ft W.S.11
06Super Pro Runner by SOGGI's Werner Klebert ? ft W.S.11
07Super Pro Runner by SOGGI's Werner Klebert ? ft W.S.11
01Wubba POWWA Article by Bob Hammett1-99
02Wubba POWWA Drawing Sheet 1 of 212
03Wubba POWWA Drawing Sheet 2 of 222
04Wubba POWWA Shaped Parts Templates pg 1 of 313
05Wubba POWWA Shaped Parts Templates pg 2 of 323
06Wubba POWWA Shaped Parts Templates pg 3 of 333
07Wubba POWWA Prop Blade Template11
08Wubba POWWA Insignia11
09Montreal Stop11

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