From 9:00

At SOGGI Caledonia Field. CD: Andy Meysner (905) 279-0173

This will be an F3RES contest and our last scheduled for the season. Wooden construction sailplanes not meeting F3RES spec. but of 2m span or less without ailerons/flaperons will also be permitted, but may be scored separately. We are hoping that many members who have purchased a T-Hunter will have theirs completed by this time.
Please bring an F3RES hi-start and shade tent if you have one.
Helpers for setup and as timers are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Pilots briefing will be at 9:30 and contest start at 10;00 am. There will be a BBQ for lunch.
Your CD will be Andy Meysner (905) 279-0173 for this event.

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